“Thank you, Cathy and Alyson! We looooooove our new dining room. The transformation was stunning! We cannot wait to host Thanksgiving this year.”

Erin C., Haymarket, VA

“Thank you, Cathy and Alyson! We looooooove our new dining room. The transformation was stunning! We cannot wait to host Thanksgiving this year.”

Erin C., Haymarket, VA

“We absolutely love all that you did…You nailed the Wow factor and left me speechless. There is not one thing that I would want to change. The colors and textures just work perfectly together. I love all frames that will tastefully personalize the space. It is cozy yet classy at the same time. The best part is that it feels like home now. Thank you so much for all the thought and time spent on this design. We are beyond happy with how it all turned out.”

Gina C., Bristow, VA

“I am absolutely in love with my new family room and kitchen!  As I get to spend more time looking at everything, I just love it more and more.  Every little detail is absolutely perfect!”

Melanie Z., Ashburn, VA

“I had really high expectations for you guys and you both totally exceeded them!!! Thank you again!!!”

Vianne, S., Leesburg, VA

“Thanks for all your hard work & vision! You guys are amazing!!”

Pete D., Alexandria, VA

“Thank you so much for my new and improved, stunning bedroom.  We really love it and thank you so much for the exceptional work you did.”

Mary F., Centreville, VA

“One word…..AMAZING!!!!  I can’t believe how you exceeded my expectations.  Bravo for such an awesome design and getting my tastes down 100%!  I can’t quit looking at it. It is just gorgeous!!!  I haven’t been this shockingly pleased in a long time. Thank you!”

Sandra O., Herndon, VA

5sectional and chair b&a
2behind sectional b&a
17sectional fireplace b&a
3sectional b&a
7cabinet fireplace b&a
fireplace windows b&a
sectonal b&a
fireplace chairs b&a
view to kitchen b&a
entry view b&a
fireplace head on b&a
over sectional b&a
sectional b&a
chairs head on b&a
view from entry b&a
sectional b&a
behind sofa b&a
whole room b&a
media couch b&a
main view kitchen b&a
main view entry b&a
couch b&a
tv fireplace b&a

Contemporary Family Rooms

9 both recliners b&a
16 whole room b&a
11fireplace & cabinet b&a
2entry view b&a
5sectional b&a
2tv wall b&a
13windows head on b&a
18stairs b&a
2sectional b&a
15whole room b&a
19cabinet sectional b&a
9media windows b&a
3cabinet big b&a
14view from entry b&a
2sectional b&a
9media kitchen b&a
front view b&a
sofas b&a
art firieplace b&a
chair & sectional b&a
media & kitchen b&a
fireplace kitchen b&a
stairway b&a
media hall b&a
wall and fireplace b&a
sofas b&a
main view b&a
fireplace stairs b&a
couch b&a
whole room b&a
head on fireplace b&a
main angle kitchen b&a
whole room meia b&a

Transitional Family Rooms

10 doors and chaise b&a
15 main b&a
2cabinet windows b&a
5couch windows b&a
head on b&a
windows b&a
living piano b&a
living dining b&a
living head on b&a
living room opposite b&a
main view b&a
convo head on b&a
art dining b&a
fireplace dining b&a
inside convo b&a
entry view b&a
seating area b&a
main view b&a
all windows b&a
entry b&a
cabinet couch b&a
windows entry b&a
behind lamp b&a
all windows b&a
view from entry b&a

Formal Living Rooms

2swanson kitchen b&a
dining table b&a
dining and media b&a
kitchen b&a

Casual Dining Spaces

14 main b&a
6 wall cabinet and entry b&a
cabinet and windows &a
entry view b&a
buffet cabinet b&a
Dining main b&a
dining opposite b&a
sideboard ba
all windows b&a
cabinet & living b&a
windows b&a
buffet cabinet b&a
main view b&a
windows & mirror b&a
dining opposite b&a
dining room main b&a
main view b&a
head on b&a

Formal Dining Spaces

4 main b&a
hanna main b&a
5chairs b&a
7tv wall b&a
desks b&a

Home Offices

10 main b&a
2 dresser and windows b&a
15main b&a
2whole bookcase b&a
5bed desk b&a
16 whole room b&a
5doors b&a
2bed barn door b&a
14 guest room b&a
bed long dresser b&a
main bed b&a
door media b&a
media head on b&a
bed whole room b&a
bed main angle b7a
main view new photo
armoire view new photo


20 bar b&a
2 media seating b&a
9 niche b&a
8 back up view bar b&a
2 gathering table b&a
5 media area b&a
19 bar main b&a
2 inside media b&a
8 cabinet in room b&a
18 gathering b&a
10 tv wall b&a
4 sectional b&a
2 whole basement b&a
13 bar cabinet b&a
13 sectional B&A
2 tv and art b&a
20bar b&a
12media b&a
8pool table b&a
12media bar b&a
2sectional b&a
sectional bar b&a
5convo game b&a
2 whole room doors b&A
4 sectional b&a
7 bar b&a
14 gaming b&a
17 hall b&a
26bar b&a
12convo bar b&a
3media b&a
6center b&a
media wine b&a
whole space b&a
convo b&a
toy roon head on b&a
whole bsmt b&a
media sconces b&a
convo moons.b&a
bar b&a
convo media b&a
bar b&a
media mirror b&a
game room b&a
whole basement b&a
bar main b&a
gaming pinball b&a
convo windows b&a
behind sectinoal b&a
whole basement b&a
whole brick wall b&a
convo bar b&a
bar head on b&a
media bar b&a
whole basement b&a
cabinet & media b&a
convo area b&a
convo & bar b&a
bar main view b&a
whole sectional b&a
whole media b&a
couch b&a
wholebasement b&a
convo b&a


head on b&a
8 whole room windows b&a
main view b&a
tv other angle b&a
sunroom head on b&a
sunroom maps b&a
living piano head on b&a
wine wall b&a
media door b&a
media head on b&a

Sitting Rooms

bathroom b&a
6 hamper b&a
16 bathroom b&a
Lakis bathroom b&a
foyer b&a
Brophy Powder B&A

Small Spaces

“What a wonderful surprise to come home to our beautiful room. It is so beautiful,exquisite and just so lovely. I was so nervous going in to the den redesign but you work magic and completely got the feel I was looking for. Thank you so much”

Pam K – Clifton, VA

Thank you for doing a fantastic job today!!!!! I am actually speechless! Everything is perfect from the decor, lighting and the VA print! After my friends come over I have a feeling you may be getting some calls!”

Judi M., Ashburn, VA

“I absolutely LOVE everything…You ladies definitely exceeded my expectations and I’m so thrilled with our new look!! My next question is when can you finish the rest of the first floor?? “

Stacy H., Columbia, MD

“Thank you!  The room looks amazing!  We really think you did a fantastic job…I’m so happy with everything that was pulled together and wanted to send you a note as well.”

Carolyn B., Arlington, VA

“Everything is amazing!!  Thank you so much!  My husband really loves it…so hopefully that means I can do more :-)”

Amy M., Winchester, VA

“You guys did an incredible job. Not sure how you were able to make that space feel so cozy…but you did. Great job… I love it !!!!!”

Brian S., Centreville, VA

“Thank you!! We love our new basement space!! Thanks for the awesome personal touches–you really captured us.”

Jude C., Great Falls, VA

“Thank you for a beautiful job!  I can’t believe the difference in the rooms!  Love it!  You two certainly know how to work the magic!”

Sandy L., Chantilly, VA

“I am overjoyed at how everything turned out. I am absolutely thrilled with each of the fabrics for the furniture and throw pillows. The lamps are exquisite… Not only is everything gorgeous but also extremely comfortable…You are so talented and completely nailed this design as an expression of my tastes… Heartfelt thanks for your amazing talent and expertise.”

Karen M., Haymarket, VA

“Thanks Ladies!  Tasteful, thoughtful, elegant…that’s what you bring to the party every time. The house looks great.”

John B., Haymarket, VA

“I walked in and was speechless…When I bought my house I never dreamed those rooms would look the way they do today.  It has turned my house into a home…You two are an amazing pair with a true talent!”

Katharin G., South Riding, VA

“OH MY GOSH…OH MY GOSH…OH MY GOSH!!!! It’s STUNNING!!!!  It is so much more beautiful than I even imagined!!!!  THANK YOU!!!”

Liz B., Alexandria, VA

“I just wanted to let you know how much I love my main floor now. It’s so cozy but also sophisticated and warm. It really suits me and now I’ll feel like I can entertain more comfortably. I spent the weekend just gazing in awe and had my parents and some neighbors over to see the transformation.”

Dana A., Fairfax, VA

“We love, love, love our sunroom and dining area. I can’t stop going in there! It’s so stunning-thank you for capturing and executing on a comfortable and cozy room that is livable and amazing!”

Jennifer B., Luckettes, VA

“I am amazed at the transformation.
I so wish that I had discovered you two when I first moved into my house because I would have had you do the entire home. Thank you for such a beautiful job.”

Dana A., Fairfax, VA

“We LOVE the dining room and foyer!  SOOOO fun to come home to a totally new room!  Thank you so much!!!
Just gorgeous!”

Julie C., Great Falls, VA

“I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the family room/kitchen…You are amazing and I really appreciate all that you both have done! Thank you!!!”

Theresa S., Centreville, VA